Monday, August 22, 2005

Persy's Evening Rounds

Persy Persy Persy has an evening routine that is as regular as clockwork.  As soon as I have come upstairs to finish my day, and Jan has disappeared, she starts screaming downstairs, and if she has a mouse in her mouth then she's screaming with an open mouth - very loudly.  As soon as she has dropped a few mice around on the living room floor and strewn a few on the stairs, she quits screaming and comes upstairs to see if she can get me to play.  She's definitely a night party animal.

She's on a diet.  The picture on the right shows a cat that isn't toooo overweight, and the vet didn't scold me the last time she went in.  Now that she has lost a 1/2 pound or so she is much more active (see paragraph #1), and enjoys playing and can even clean her bottom again (yuk).

It must be almost Fall.  During the daily brushing she is losing less hair these days.  Oh, boy, I can't wait for those cold nights, cool days, and beautiful autumn colors.

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