Saturday, August 6, 2005

Port Townsend, Washington

Discovery Bay Resort We woke this morning to light fog - a nice change from the Chico heat.  On our way to Port Townsend we could see our Discovery Bay resort from the other side of the bay.  Our unit is the one on the very top in the back... the one that sticks up higher than all the others.  It is lovely.

Pt. Townsend Victorian Pt. Townsend Victorian Pt. Townsend Victorian
Port Townsend is one of the largest Victorian towns north of
San Francisco. They have lots of 1800's Victorian houses that have been
restored. Many are B&Bs now, like the one in the center.

Pt. Townsend Condos for sale Pt. Townsend Farmers' Market There is a sign on the
under-construction deck next to this derelict old brick building in the photo on the left...
"Condos for Sale".  I was going to see how much they wanted, but never got around to it :-)  A condo here on the waterfront
would be spectacular with a view of the harbor!

We got to town early enough to find a good parking spot (parking more
limited than Capitola, but FREE). We trudged up, way up the hill to the
Farmer's Market, held every Saturday. It's a smaller market than Chico
or Santa Cruz, but good. We found some green onions and a poster to go
next to the London Tube poster in the living room.

Pt. Townsend Hanging Basket Pt. Townsend Tiger Lily Then off we went to one of the city parks... Beautiful flowers and
views. There was a group of people doing Tai Chi on the hill above the
On the way down the hill we found the Whale Watching excursion outfit
we wanted and made reservations for Thursday. ... We also found the
local ice cream and candy shop :-)
Water Street, the main drag is populated by old buildings with up to
date shops (book stores, food, art, etc.). Jan found a wonderful
Northwest carved face, made from whale bone, little bits of baleen and
antler. It's quite striking.

Pt. Townsend Dancing Fish Back at the condo, I went for my first swim after shoulder surgery!! It
was only 15 minutes, but it hurts less now than it did before the
surgery, and I expect it to get only better :-)

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