Friday, September 23, 2005

Changing a way high light

High Light
Stairs There is a red arrow pointing to a light in the ceiling in both of these pictures.  By the way, both of the pictures have been stitched together from separate pictures so you can get a feeling for the space.  That's why the stairway handle bends, the stairs are wobbly, and the exposure isn't the same all the way up the stairs.  Anyway....

The way high light went out.  I thought it would be an easy thing to put a new bulb in.  But, first Jan and I decided to walk the long way to the hardware store this morning, just for the exercise.  Good for us :-)

I put a regular ladder on the landing at the top of the stairs and used a long handled grabber thing to unscrew the old bulb.  It was wobbly and of course fell out of my grasper.  Fortunately the carpeting is soft and there was no broken bulb to pick up.  While extracting the old bulb I noticed that the light fixture wasn't screwed in.  It just sort of floats up there so when you put pressure against it it moves away from you.  That's why I couldn't use the long handled grabber thing to screw in the new bulb.  I had to get up there and screw it in by hand.

The problem is that a regular ladder isn't tall enough for me to reach all the way up to the light fixture.  Out with the regular ladder and in with the extension ladder, which leaned against the top of the shade covering the window in the landing.  Now, I'm not very good about heights and so Jan held the ladder and talked me up while I climbed all the way to the ceiling so I could screw in the light bulb by hand.

If I could find the carpenter that installed this light fixture I would make him (it must have been a "him") crawl through the attic and insulation in order to screw down the fixture.  Jerks!

Well, anyway, there's my new light.  Isn't it pretty?


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