Thursday, September 1, 2005

Knitter's, Fall 2005

Knitter's Cover The Fall, 2005, Knitter's magazine reached my mailbox this week.  My subscription is about to lapse.  This issue won't make me resubscribe.  The next one better be a blockbuster!

Starting from the front...

  • "From The Editor" doesn't explain the thought processes that went into creating this issue.  It's more of a blog entry on any given day instead of something to help one understand why this issue exists.

  • "In This Issue" explains there will be slip (mosaic) stitch patterns, bright color in panels and stripes.

  • "Fashion 101", by Susan Lazear, includes a fashion glossary, some color forecasts, and explains some fashion cycles and time lines.  She says ... fashion is fun, it's exhilarating, intoxicating and it pulls you in, whether you intend it to or not.  Have we become slaves to it?  Most likely.  What's this "we" stuff?  Sorry, I'm a shorts and t-shirts person in the summer and jeans and long sleeved t-shirt person in the winter.  Fashion slave?  I think not.  Maybe this magazine isn't for me?

  • "Knitter's To Knitters" talks about great new products to enhance your knitting life.  Those great new products include bamboo needles with funny beads on the ends and "sassy" knitting bags and needle cases.  Ho hum.  If you know a knitter who does jigsaw puzzles, then has a knitting jigsaw puzzle that's kind of cute.  Lily Chin has a new line of yarn out - I don't care.

  • "Linda Cyr Reviews" are not objective.  She finds something nice to say about every item she reviews.  I don't read her book reviews any more.

  • "The Knitting Universe", by Alexis Xenakis, has a nice interview with Susan Lazear, talking about her visit to Greece and her design process.  The pictures of her sweaters are fun.  Not for me, but fun.

  • I don't read Perri Klass' articles, so no comment there.

  • Linda Pratt talks about selling her yarn store, and says goodbye.  Don't know her, not that interested.

  • "Double Pick-Ups", by Maureen Mason-Jamieson, is a good technique article.  Double picking-up is the process of picking up from both the wrong side and the right side of a piece in order to avoid seems and have a "clean finish".

  • "Techniques" talks about Filet Knitting, an interesting lace technique that looks just like filet crochet.

  • "Online Tips", by Anne Claxon, contains tips on color this month, all gleaned from various online knitting lists and list archives - mostly KnitU.

  • Now the Patterns.  The first group is mosaic stitch patterns from Katharine Hunt, Kay Dahlquist, Uschi Nolte,  Rick Mondragon and the Knitter's Design Team. 

    I liked the "Asian Mystery jacket from Katharine Hunt.  Was neutral about the Mosaic Mice vest; wasn't fond of the Fuzzy Screen or Wide Screen, nor Nightlines, nor Bachelor #1.

  • The second group is panels, cables, color from Natalie Wilson, Kathy Cheifetz, Kathy Zimmerman, Elane Eskesen, and Robin Melanson. 

    I kind of liked Channels  Ribs from Kathy Cheifetz; didn't care for Cable Sport, Panelist, Handyman, nor Murphy.

  • The third group is accessories from Debra M. Lee, Lois Young, Knitter's Design Team, Colleeen Smitherman, Kathy Zimmerman, and Kay dahlquist. 

    The Screenplay stole from Lois Young would be interesting for the filet knitting technique. There are some brightly colored kids sweaters which some might like.  Never mind the rest.

  • The fourth group is sweaters with color strips, texture, and more from Nazanin Ford, Diane Zangle, Dana Hurt, Jean Frost, and Uschi Nolte.  No thanks.

  • "Knitter's School" as usual is a nice and quick tutorial on various techniques - 3 and 1/2 pages full.

"Next in Knitter's" is Luxury & Class.  Uh Oh, it's not looking like the blockbuster required for me to resubscribe.

PS: You can call 1-800-232-5648 to get corrections for all previous issues of Knitter's magazine.



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