Thursday, September 15, 2005

Lunch at Graeagle Mill Works

Dahlia photo We took a trip to the mountains today, but before we left there were chores - there are always chores.  These Dahlias were getting pretty leggy so we cut them.  They look nicer in the vase than they did under the Styrax tree.

Feather River
Feather River We left home about 10:30 and headed up Hwy 70 toward Graeagle.  Hwy 70 follows the Feather River, which is beautiful.  There are several PG&E power plants on the river which create little reservoirs that collect the water and then shoot it through the power generating plant.  These pictures don't show the power plants, just the late summer water.

Also along the way was road work.  If the weather is good, then there will be road work.  There are several bridges built in the 1930's and one or more of them is usually being modernized.  Thank you President Roosevelt for the WPA, who built the bridges on beautiful and remote highways.  Let's see, what has the current President built in this country?

Saving up for the Winter
Fall Berries After lunch at the Graeagle Mill Works (Yum! Go There!) we went up the road to Frazier Falls.  Frazier Falls is at 6000 Ft. elevation.    The leaves aren't turning yet, but signs of Fall are in evidence.  The squirrels are working overtime to collect all the nuts they can find.  They leave empty cones like the one on the left all over the forest.

There are ripe berries on the bushes.  I suppose there are bears up there?

Frazier Creek Frazier Falls drops off just about where you see the water stop in the picture on the left.  Its cascade is 248 feet.  As you might expect it's mostly a trickle this time of year.  The top of the falls is still quite lovely though.

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