Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Moving Plants

Ben Ben, my favorite gardener, came this morning at 7 a.m. to remove some hedges that I didn't want and plant and move some other plants.  Ben works for the company that does the front yard maintenance on our block - the "mow and blow" guys; however, Ben is one of the head guys in charge of landscaping and maintenance.  Whenever I need some heavy lifting Ben is my guy.

He dug up several hedges that looked bad.  Ben is standing between two tea plants that were engulfing a smaller shrub.  Now the smaller shrub is gone and the tea plants can move in a take over... and yes the tea plants will be pruned later this year.

Rhodie Rhodie He also moved a Rhododendron from the front courtyard to the back yard.  It was being burned by too much direct sunlight (picture on the left).  In its new home it will be under the canopy of an Arbutis tree (picture on the right).

He also planted a couple more plants - an Escallonia and a Rose of Sharon (hibiscus family).  The Escallonia is in the empty spot I created along the front walk a couple of weeks ago.  The Rose of Sharon is where the Rhodie used to be.  Pictures to follow another day.

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