Sunday, September 4, 2005

Tempus Fugit on the Front Walk

Photo: Front walk in May Photo: Front walk in June Photo: Front walk in September

These are photos of the front walk over time (May, June, and September 2005).  It looked a lot better in May than it does in September!  Since my shoulder felt pretty good this morning I decided to dig up the dead sage-like plant and the damn Bermuda grass.  That's what the bare spot is.  Also, I cut the pretty pink flower (bottom of picture) way back.  Of course, the geranium (right side of picture) is having its warm weather hibernation time.  I'm going to let the bare spot stay bare, I think, while I continue to try and get rid of the Bermuda grass that is still growing under ground.  Later in the Fall I'll put some bulbs in and maybe some nice Winter flowers.

Photo: Courtyard in September Photo: Gardenia The front courtyard (left), where the peony (bottom right of picture) lives is showing signs of having lived through the summer.  The peony is finished so the leaves are starting to look bad.  The rhododendron (way in the back by the fence) is looking burned.  The hedges look like The Hedges That Ate Chico.  Thank goodness the gardenias in the front and back of the house (picture right) are still making beautiful flowers!

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