Sunday, September 11, 2005

Trois Couleurs: Blanc (White)

NY Times Review We saw the second in the French trilogy -  Blue, White, Red (Netflix DVD).  I'd give this one a B+.  I think the NY Times agrees.

The white in the movie is all the Polish snow.  It's about a Polish sad sack hairdresser who marries a beautiful French woman.  They love each other, but he is not a good lover.  She throws him out without a cent and he slips home to Poland.  He works hard, gets rich, and finally gets revenge, but never stops loving her.  It's described as a dark comedy?

The reason it doesn't get really top marks is that the lead character is not believable as a man who can become a knowledgeable business man, nor is he believable as a man who would be good at getting revenge.  ... and, oops, they screwed up his haircut so he had long hair, then short hair in one scene and long hair in the next.

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