Sunday, October 23, 2005

The bottom of the [knitting] bag

20051020BottomOfTheKnittingBagThe things you find when you clean out a dusty old knitting bag... in my case these are things that I didn't put away because I don't really have a home for them.  This is a symptom that it's time to organize my knitting!

Counter clockwise, starting at the top left: 

1) directions for toe up socks from a class taken several years ago.  They made sense during the class, but now they are useless;

2) red cotton stretch sock yarn (I wondered where that had gotten to);

3) a bunch of yarn ends from about three projects;

4) an antique doily knitted by my grandmother, stained but still beautiful.  I was thinking maybe someday to use it for inspiration when making my own doilies - right, like that's ever going to happen;

5) directions for a "Prayer Shawl".  It's an easy pattern, good for mindless knitting.  Now it's waiting on my dresser to find a permanent filed-away home;

6) my copy of the important pages from Nancy Bush's "Folk Socks".  I copied the pages in an effort to save the book from total destruction in the bottom of a knitting bag;

7) several pairs of double pointed needles that I don't use, but I don't really have a storage place for them... Note to self: make one of those needle cases for storing double pointed needles;

8) leftover yarn from a pair of socks finished sometime in 2004, I think.

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