Sunday, October 9, 2005

A History of Violence

I saw A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE today.  I give this one an A+ for acting, but it's a very violent movie, which is why it gets its R rating.  Oh, and there is some sex between a man and his wife, but that probably factors into the R rating as well.

It's about a happily married man with two kids who runs a diner in a small town.  Two hateful men attempt to rob his diner and kill the people inside, but he, Tom, kills them instead - in a very professional way.  He makes the headline news and a string of violent killings follows.  Is Tom in the witness protection program?  ... mobster on the run?  ... trained by the Feds?  You will have to see the movie.

But what is interesting is not(!) the violence, but the family of Tom and how they react to it all.  In the end, I didn't know whether or not the Tom character was a good guy, but he's definitely scary and a little intriguing.

Viggo Mortensen, as Tom, does a very good job, as does Maria Bello, Ed Harris, and William Hurt.  I don't remember seeing the actor playing the son before, Ashton Holmes, but he is good too.  It was directed by David Cronenberg who specializes in dark violence.

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