Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lake Almanor Day Trip

Fall Color on CA Hwy 32
Deer Creek, CA Hwy 32 We went looking for Fall color again today.  Just East of Chico is the Southern end of the Cascade Mountains.  If you drive East out of Chico on Hwy 32, you'll end up pretty close to Mt. Lassen, an active volcano.

Anyway, the color is happening.  The dogwoods are all a beautiful red color.  The Aspens and Birches are golden.  Creekside shrubbery is painted red and gold.  The picture on the left was taken in the morning, on the way up the mountains, and the picture on the right was taken in the afternoon, on the way down.

Lake Almanore Path
Bear Pillow Our destination today was Lake Almanor.  There is a nice path (paved) that skirts the edge of the lake, starting near the Rocky Point Campground.  The path was covered with needles from the trees... very nice.  The only animal life we saw was a squirrel, but we heard some interesting sounding bird calls.

After walking we headed to Chester for lunch.  We meant to go to Cynthia's Bakery for a sandwich on house-made bread; however, Cynthia doesn't serve lunch during Fall and Winter.  We ended up next door at the "Knotbumper" for a simple, but good lunch.

The sign where we parked said the parking was for Cynthia's or the Gallery Only, so after lunch we browsed through the Gallery.  They had some nice prints, as well as some cute pillows.  The one shown on the right, above, is a flannel pillow with button closure, decorated with an appliqued bear and trees.  It appears that the applique was attached to the pillow with smaller buttons.  This would be a great idea for some talented person who wanted to whip out a bunch for holiday gifts.

Another good day out of Chico... next week is maybe a hike to Deer Creek Falls.

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