Sunday, October 2, 2005

Mozart Mile

Mozart Mile tshirt
Mozart Mile Start Jan entered both of us in the 27th Annual Mozart Mile, which is a benefit for the North State Symphony.  It is held in Chico's Bidwell Park, the jewel of Northern California City Parks.  After we collected our tshirts, we assembled at the start.  The runners went first, then the walkers, and then the dog walkers.  There were some really cute dogs milling around with their walkers at the starting area.  One dog, a greyhound, turned around and smiled at Jan when Jan called her "pretty girl" -- the dog must have been used to being called that by her mom.  (That's Jan behind the lady in the sun glasses, and the tshirt is wavy because it was resting on the stairs when I took the picture.)

Most of the pictures in today's post are just a little blurry because I took them without the benefit of something to stabilize the camera and my hands haven't gotten any less shaky.

Mozart Mile Violinists
Mozart Mile Flautist
Mozart Mile Cellist So, the starting gun went off and we all began our run/walk through the park.  My pace is more of a saunter, and I stopped frequently to take pictures.  There were members of the orchestra playing along the side of the park road as we walked.  It makes it a special day.

Chico Creek
Bidwell Park Dirt Path After we crossed the creek to head back towards our parked car, we left the organized walk and took the dirt path.  The Mozart Mile course is all paved, and my hips and Jan's feet prefer a softer path.  Today there were two deer on the path.  It's amazing to see them out so late in the morning in a city park.  They must have been flushed out by all the people on the paved road.  We also saw a hawk who sat on a branch and called to whoever was listening... trying to compete with the flutes?

Speaking of wildlife, later in the morning Sammy put on a mouse torture-killing-eating show.  He's a real hunter and catches mice in the ivy growing on the fences.  He was so proud of himself!


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