Friday, October 14, 2005

Network Ratings

I watched an episode of Firefly tonight (in reruns on the Sci Fi Channel).  The Prologue showed a sadist torturning a man - mean looking tools used to inflict pain, lots of screaming and blood.  Then it cut to a commercial.  Then the program started. 

During the credits there was a warning that the program might not be suitable for children.  I don't remember seeing that warning before, and  I thought to myself that the warning came a little late.  The bad guy had already been shown ripping the guts out of a prisoner.

One of the characters on the show is a courtesan.  As the show went on it bacame clear that her companion this episode was a woman.  So that's what the warning was about!

This country has it's values so backward.  A simple carress between two women is verboten.  In fact it would be better if sex just weren't protrayed at all, no matter who is involved.  But it's okay to show, even glorify violence.  That's just wrong.

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