Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sleeves - from the top

20051026TopDownSweaterI'm almost done shaping the top of the set in sleeves on my prototype (i.e., mistake-ridden) sweater.

The body is finished - bottom border is garter stitch.  It fits, which is a wonderful thing.

I noticed when I was working the shoulder cables on the sleeves that the cable on one side had changed from a 6 stitch cable to a 4 stitch cable (from 3 twisted over 3 to 2 twisted over 2).  Oops.

Okay, now it's really a sweatshirt suitable for gardening only.  I'm not in the mood for ripping back the cable and fixing it.  So far the lessons I've learned are:

1) Keep the needles with the project.  If you need those needles for another project, then go buy them - or carefully pin a note to the project stating what size needles were used.

2) Take notes as you go.  If you are doing a saddle shoulder with a cable, for God's sake write down the cable stitch so you don't forget what you are doing.  (You might not be able to read the stitches in a dim room if the yarn is a dark color.)  And write down various numbers like now many you cast on, what gauge you are got on the swatch, etc.  It wouldn't hurt to write down measurements on a schematic of the project either.

Who knows, maybe I wrote all this stuff down and then "put it in a safe place", never to be found again.

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