Friday, October 7, 2005

Turtle Bay in Redding

Sundial Bridge, Redding

Sacramento River, Redding Sundial Bridge, Redding
We went to the Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding, CA, today.  We went to see the Sundial pedestrian bridge, opened in 2004.  It's pretty cool!  The part you walk on is made of glass blocks, as are the sides.  The idea was to create few shadows... something to do with salmon spawning in the Sacramento River.  There were several fishermen/women out catching their limit today (don't know what they were catching), and the view from the bridge overlooking the river went on for miles and miles.

Garden at Turtle Bay
Mosaic Tutle
Mosaic Fountain This year (2005) Turtle Bay opened a wonderful garden.  It was two years in the making.  There are several differently themed gardens within the boundaries of the garden.  I forget what the purple garden (picture left) was called, but it was a delight to be in.  Two gardens I remember are "Chile" and "Australia" containing plants from those areas.

They also have a mosaic fountain that is lots of fun.  It's in a garden area that was built for kids to enjoy, but today there were several senior ladies there.  It must have been some kind of senior day because our entrance charge was for two seniors instead of one senior and one adult, even though we told the girl I wasn't that old yet :-)  Anyway, one of these ladies put her sun glasses on the mosaic turtle and rather than ask her to take them off, I just snapped my picture with the sun glasses on (picture right).  The mosaic is full of many, many different colors and images, and there is tile, semi-precious stones, glass, and who knows what else in the mosaic.  The fountain burbled away in the sunlight and was beautiful.

I plan to go back to the gardens in the Spring to see what it looks like then.  Right now it's looking a little parched, but still really beautiful.  I can't imagine what it will be like in April.

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