Friday, October 28, 2005

A visit to the New de Young Museum

Original de Young Museum The M. H. de Young Memorial Museum was an outgrowth of the California Mid-Winter Exposition of 1894, and was built in Golden Gate Park with 75-thousand dollars� profit left over from the exposition.

Unfortunately, it had to close in 2000 because of earthquake damage.

DeYoung Tower
DeYoung Front Door We visited the new de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park (San Francisco, CA).  It is tres modern, not like the old one at all.  This one cost over $200M, which makes it the largest privately funded cultural gift made to the city of San Francisco.

There is more information than you need on the de Young's web site.  It's a world class facility and will just keep getting better.  The outside that looks like scaffolding is really a copper facade.  With time it will do what copper does and develop that lovely patina.

Construction in Golden Gate Park, 2005
Golden Gate We went up to the top of the tower and had spectacular views of Golden Gate Park, the city and the bay.  The picture on the left is the construction site where the Aquarium and Sciences building used to be.  They are being rebuilt.  Don't worry the fish have a temporary home elsewhere in the city.

The picture on the right is the Golden Gate.  If you look carefully, you can see the top of the bridge on the horizon on the right side of the picture.  (As always, click for a larger image of the photos.)  It was a beautiful day in the park.

As always, Mike and Gilda were gracious hosts.

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