Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bidwell and Backyards

Bidwell Park We went for a walk in Bidwell Park again.  One would think it's all there is to do around town.  Well, it is the nicest thing to do outside in Chico, or just about any other city.  It was cold this morning, in the 30's.  We bundled up - hat, gloves, scarf, down vest, fleece coat - and we walked for about an hour.  I'm so grateful that I can walk.  I would say I'm grateful that I can smell the good air, but I still have this head cold and can't smell a thing.

Home DepotAfter the walk we went for coffee and hot chocolate, a nice treat.  Then off we went to The Home Depot.  I have mixed feelings about big discount stores in Chico.  On one hand I think big stores suck the character out of a small town.  On the other hand, I like the prices offerred at the big stores.  Chico has kept their downtown alive by opening small specialty shops and restaurants.  And, they have most things the college students need within walking distance of the campus.

It is a shame that Chico has decided to help finance a new multi-story parking garage by raising parking meter costs.  It used to cost 25 cents for an hour's parking.  Now it costs 50 cents to park for an hour.  Humph.  In the back of my mind I still have the idea of taking my knitting to the City Council meetings so I can see how this little city is run.

Today's reason for going to The Home Depot was to buy an electric leaf blower, which I did.  I brought it home, plugged it in and blew up a storm in the back yard.  It does an okay job of getting rid of the leaves.  Now the third garden refuse bin is full of leaves so far this Fall, and my shoulder was saved the pain of raking all those leaves.

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