Sunday, November 27, 2005


We went to see Jarhead today (B+).  It's based on Anthony Swoffard's memoir of Desert Storm, in the early 1990s.  He's a trained sniper, but never shoots his gun at anybody while he is there.  The movie shows how he is trained, both mentally and physically for war... and then they send him to Kuwait and there is no conflict.  Nothing but months and months of boredom.  The young men fill their time doing the very crude things young men do, and becoming more and more stressed out.  Their equipment fails in the desert.  Their wives and girlfriends leave them.  Some of them are brutal sociopaths, some are cowards, some are just waiting to go home, and some want to be heroes.  Finally they see 4-5 days of action, but they arrive at places after the killing has occurred.  Then they are sent home.  And, according to Mr. Swoffard they are never the same again.

The acting is very good, especially by Jamie Fox.  What a difference between Jamie Fox's soldier and Jamie Fox's Ray Charles.  It really shows what a fine actor he is.

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