Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Norah Jones' feels like home

Norah Jones Feels Like Home Norah Joes always sounds the same.  But it's a nice "same".  The words to her songs are like country poems.  I would classify the style as pop/country/folk, maybe?  Maybe it would be classified as Norah Jones and that's all you need to say.

Jones plays piano and is accompanied by guitar, bass and drums on most songs.

I like it.  I'm glad I bought it.  It won't lift your soul to heaven like yesterday's Santana, but it's easy to listen to.  She occupies a place close to Willy Nelson in my heart.

A note about liner notes on CDs.  I like them, and you have to buy the CDs to get them.  At least I think you do.  I have downloaded entire albums from iTunes, but the liner notes don't come with them.  I know CDs are bulky compared to a digitized file on my computer's hard drive, but I do like those liner notes.  I care who the musicians are on each song, who wrote it, etc.  In some cases, like today's Norah Jones CD, you get the words to each song printed in the liner notes.

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