Wednesday, November 2, 2005


It's cloudy and raining off and on today, but I found time in between showers to do a little gardening and move the garbage cans in.  Early this morning I took a swim and it wasn't raining, so I lucked out there.  Not very exciting, eh?

Music makes housecleaning OK

I have an old Panosonic portable CD player which is perfectly functional (take that iPod).  It has an anti-shock function so it doesn't skip when I'm vacuuming or mopping.  So, should I put an iPod on my Christmas list?  I think not.

For today's floor cleaning experience I had Shirley Horn's You're My Thrill (released in 2001).  Shirley Horn (1934 - 2005) was a great jazz singer and piano player.  The Washington Post has a good bio of Ms. Horn.

Anyway, for each song this morning I changed the words in my head so the love songs were about yarn instead of another person.  I'm warming up for the knitting group get together this afternoon....

After swimming, weight lifting (a little), gardening (a little), and housecleaning, I won't feel one little bit guilty about sitting still and knitting.

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