Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Santana all that i am

Santana all that i am Santana is a musical god.  His new CD, all that I am, is full of his wonderful guitar and guests too.  If you like Santana just a little, then buy this CD. 

People who reviewed this CD on Amazon were not happy because they think the guests aren't inspired, or they think Santana is stuck in some uninventive rut.  I loved the music of Santana, but I have to agree with them that his guests aren't all that great.

There are two Latin tunes to start off -- just wonderful -- "Hermes" and "El Fuego".  Santana's guitar just sings to your soul.

Next is Michelle Branch & the Wreckers with him on "I'm Feeling You".  Ms. Branch is new to me and I won't bother with her CDs, but Santana is underneath the song making it good.

Then there is a funky/souly/rocky/hip hop tune called "My Man", featuring Mary J. Blige & Big Boi.  Once again the guests are okay, but it's Santana's guitar that makes it good to listen to.

Steven Tyler is featured on the next song, "Just Feel Better".  It's a pop/rock thing.  Do I need to say again that it's Santana that makes it good?

will.i.am (funny name) is featured on the next one, "I Am Somebody".  I liked this Latin/hip-hop/rock tune.  It was positive and Santana floats throughout.

Toure Kunda (Ismaila & Sixu Toure) are next on "Con Santana".  It's Latin and wonderful.  Maybe it helps that I can't understand the words?  The percussionist, Karl Perazzo, is fun.  And then there's Santana's guitar.

Anthony Hamilton sings on "Twisted".  It's a soulful ballad.  His voice wasn't too overdubbed so you can hear that Hamilton can sing.  Santana's solos are heaven sent.

Kirk Hammett (lead guitar) & Robert Randolph (steel guitar) are great with Santana's lead guitar on "Trinity".  It made me think of flying over the Rockies, or sailing fast on the ocean.  It's spiritual.  It's good.

Sean Paul & Joss Stone on "Cry Baby Cry" are good.  It's good for dancing with a hip hop/reggae sound.  Santana is more in the background here.

Bo Bice sings on "Brown Skin Girl"..., another soulful rock tune with Bice's voice and Santana's guitar carrying it along.  Santana can find the space in a singer's tune and fill it with joy.

Los Lonely Boys might be the reigning kings of Tex Mex/Rock Espanol.  Here on "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love" they join Santana's soaring guitar for an easy to listen to song.

The last song on the album is "Da Tu Amor".  Google translates it as "It Gives Your Love", which doesn't sound right to me.  This is a Santana guitar song with background vocals from the musicians. 

I think "Hermes" and "El Fuego", the first two songs, are the best.  Latin music is a good thing.

Santana, I bow before you, and wish you all the best.

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