Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Walk in the Park

Bidwell Park Bidwell Park The color is coming out in Chico.  We went for a walk in Bidwell Park this morning.  The weather was beautiful.

The picture on the left shows the road through the park.  The picture on the right shows one of the jungle-like areas overgrown with vines.  In the picture on the right, there was a bright red tree that I'm sorry doesn't pop out like it did in person.

Private gate This gate must have been here for years, but we just noticed it.  Along part of the road there are fences.  Some houses back right up to the park boundary.  Some of the fences have gates in them so people can walk right out their back gate and go for a walk or run in the park.

The gate on the left is the most creative we've seen.  They applied wood to form a tree, and then they stuck apples made of wood in the tree.  It's pretty cute.

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