Sunday, November 20, 2005

Yard Work

Yard Work The leaves are really falling now!  Today was the second time I filled a huge garden refuse bin to be taken when the garbage goes.  The picture on the left has two arrows pointing at work.  The one on the top is pointing to a plant that needs its Fall pruning.  I'm not sure what kind of plant it is, but it propagates by sending all kinds of runners out just under the surface of the dirt.  In order to keep it in check, the runners and their new plants have to be pulled up once a year.  Okay, that's done.

The second job was raking leaves, like the ones pointed to by the arrow on the bottom.  Now the garden refuse bin is full and I have to wait until next Wednesday for an empty bin.  Once per garbage pickup cycle is enough!

One would think that Fall has no blooms, but there are blooms aplenty on the Camellia plants, shown below.  And the Columbine is even making little last ditch efforts (last picture).

Camealia Bloom White Camelia Plant Columbine

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