Sunday, December 4, 2005

Bidwell Overpasses & Decorating for Christmas

Hwy 99 Overpass in Bidwell Park Hwy 99 Overpass in Bidwell Park Hwy 99 Overpass in Bidwell Park

The Hwy 99 overpasses have been decorated with pictures painted by local artists.  I think the idea is to discourage graffiti.  There are three pictures, and if you like you can click on the thumbnails above to see a larger image.

It was really cold this morning - so cold there was frost on the leaves.  The forecast was for a low of 31F - just below freezing.  Brrr!  So, once again we bundled up for our walk, which was pretty darned short this morning.

The Living Room Then it was time to decorate the house.  Here's the living room, taken from the dining room.  We got a 25' bough to hang, hoping the real cedar would provide some natural seasonal smells.  The tree is artificial and of course has no smell.  Having an artificial tree is the only way to put a tree up this early without causing a fire hazard from a dried up fir tree.

We put some fir branches on the mantel and on top of the book case too.  In case all those natural pieces of tree don't provide a nice smell, we have a spray can of smell which isn't too bad.

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