Friday, December 9, 2005

Jack's Holiday Balls

Jack's Balls I decided I had to have one of those Jack In The Box antenna balls.  Jack has a box just around the corner, so out we went for lunch at a fast food place for the second time in one week -- went to In and Out Burgers on Tuesday(?).

I got to the counter and determined that I had to order a "Large Combo Meal" in order to secure my prize.  I settled on the Spicy Chicken meal #4... and chose the Snowman with the Top Hat for my antenna.

The antenna got the better deal!  My fries were soggy; there was mayo dripping out of the spicy chicken; and the drink was at least one quart of carbonated stuff not resembling my favorite beverage.

If you ever have a choice between In and Out Burgers or Jack In the Box, then by all means go to In and Out Burgers.  Better yet, chose neither and find a fresh salad instead.

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