Saturday, December 31, 2005

LYS in Oakland?

When I was growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, there was a commercial on the radio which imprinted the phrase "Farms in Berkeley?" in my memory.  You have to say it with emphasis on the "Farms" and the question is asked in an incredulous voice.  (Berkeley is not a farming community.)

When I think of yarn shops, Oakland doesn't pop into my head.  "Great yarn shops in Oakland?"  But the January '06 Sunset magazine talks about a "New north Oakland", and says there is a cool shop at 5010 Telegraph Ave called Article Pract.  The name is a spoonerism for practical art (if you don't worry about the '' vs. '...cle').

It looks like she has a good selection of yarns and classes.  I don't know how their prices compare, but I'm assuming local yarn shops will charge more for yarns than an online discount seller... all that free advice isn't really free.  It sounds like a nice environment to hang out in, even has an outside patio.

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