Thursday, December 8, 2005


NY Times Review Today we went to see Rent, a musical based on the opera La Boheme (A-).  You can click on the picture to see the NY Times Review.

There were moments when I was moved to tears.  Dying of AIDS is pretty sad, and of course the most lovable character is the one who dies (great part for Wilson Jermaine Heredia as the cross dressing Angel).  There were also moments when I was ready to nod off.  The NY Times gave it an affectionate lukewarm review ("Mr. Larson's creation belongs with "Hair" and "Fame"
in the pantheon of immortal musicals with one-word titles celebrating
the self-dramatizing, unembarrassable and resilient spirit of youth.

It's about young people in the early 1990s in NY City.  They are living a bohemian life.  There is a very close knit group of friends and the musical is about them.

Musically, Tracie Thoms is a real find.  She can flat out sing!  The entire cast was marvelous.  The only song I felt like I had to have was "Seasons of Love", which features Ms. Thoms.  I've already downloaded it from iTunes :-)

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