Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Winter Solstice

The word for the day is quotidian, which is an adjective meaning everyday, commonplace.  And that's what this Winter Solstice day is.

Winter Solstice view Here's the view out of my loft window.  It's cold and rainy.  There are no leaves on the trees.  It makes me want to stay inside and knit or read (or play with the computer).  It doesn't get any more quotidian Winter than this in Chico.

I checked on the tub of bulbs and there are no daffodils poking through.  The roses are beginning their winter doldrums.

I want sunshine!  Okay, we need the rain.  California always needs the rain.  Before this string of rain storms blew into town Dave, the weatherman, was saying we are a little over 2 inches shy of normal.  Phooey!

So what is the good news?  The rain gutters are clean :-)

Have a good solstice day!

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