Friday, January 20, 2006

Bodega Bay

Bodega PointFour of us went to Bodega Bay, CA, yesterday.  It was a perfect day for it, and when one is retired one can decide what to do the next day based on what the weather will be.  Life is good.

The picture to the left shows the view looking N. from Bodega Point.  We didn't see any whales; however, there was a couple having lunch there on the cliffs, and they said they come every day and they had seen one earlier.  I did see a seal playing in the surf.  At least I assume he was playing.  More likely he was looking for lunch.

After driving through Bodega Bay and stopping at Bodega Point, we drove up the coast and turned inland at Jenner.  By this time we were all pretty hungry, so we stopped for eating and shopping in Duncan Mills.  The restaurant, Cape Fear, is good.  We've been there before and will go again, given a chance.

Living in Chico, I miss the N. California Pacific ocean where I grew up and lived most of my life.  It was good to soak up some coastal air, sounds, and smells.

These pictures show all of us posing with our eyes looking directly into the sun.  I'm the one in the sun hat.

J & D

P & D

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