Friday, January 13, 2006

Casanova & King Kong

Since we can't see Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain, we went to see him in...

Movie PosterCasanova (A).  It was good, lighthearted fun.

It is set in Venice in the 1700s, when the Catholic church was busy stamping out fornicators and heretics.  Casanova is a notorious lover of women who swoon at the very sight of him.  He keeps slipping out of the hands of the Bishop, but finally the reigning monarch tells Casanova he must marry a respectable woman in order to avoid being hung.  The confusion, assumed identities, and happy ending that follow are a treat.  The NY Times said it was "... a lively, sly and altogether charming farce."

The cast does a great job.  Oliver Platt with buck teeth is believable.  Lena Olin is gorgeous.  Jeremy Irons is wonderful.  Sienna Miller is perfect.  And, of course, Heath Ledger is gorgeous and wonderful.

Movie PosterJan went to see King Kong yesterday.  She said the special effects were wonderful.  All the monsters and giant insects were good.  She left at the point that King Kong was captured and ready to go to New York.  She said it was a good movie.

I didn't go because I have come to a point in my life when watching animals being mistreated is not fun, even if they are just images generated with special effects.



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