Sunday, January 29, 2006

Cat Bordhi's books & Birthday Yarn

I recently added two more books to my library...

First Treasury Second TreasuryCat Bordhi's A Treasury of Magical Knitting and A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting.

She has a way of casting on for a mobeus ring that is unusual, so I'm looking forward to trying it.  Both of these books are full of ideas for things to do with a mobeus strip... lots of scarves, hats, cat beds, baskets, bags, etc.

Bordhi's Jeweled Merino Cap Kathmandu Aran Originally I bought the second book because I thought I wasn't interested in the pattern ideas in the first.  (The first has many, many more scarves in it than I need.)  Then I decided I wanted to knit a chemo hat for a charity donation and remembered a nifty hat pattern in the first book.  Shoot!  I had to have the first book too - happy me.  I chose a nice merino/silk/cashmere blend from Kathmandu in a lavender heather (color 130).  So, I have my next project all picked out.  I'll start just as soon as I'm done with the socks, which are up to the toes now.

Birthday Yarn

Amazing Ball of Yarn Recently we went to some friends house to see if I could get rid of the virus infestation on their computer.  I had no luck (need better tools and knowledge).  To reward me for my failure, we had a great lunch and I received some birthday yarn.  The yarn ball is huge, and it comes with a "learn to knit" DVD.  I hope the DVD has some information about how to knit up this thin-ish yarn.

You can click on the small images to see larger ones.

There are 320 yards of fancy yarn in this giant ball!  I think this is the kind of yarn that knits up nicely when carried along with another strand of something.  I'll keep my 320 yards in a safe place until I can think of some scarf gifts to make.

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