Sunday, January 22, 2006


Movie PosterWe saw Munich (A+) today.  The NY Times said, "An unsparingly brutal look
at two peoples all but drowning in a sea of their own blood....
"  Yes, that's it.  I hated this film, even though the acting and the film making were excellent. 

I would have walked out, but there were people sitting on either side of me and I would have had to disturb them in order to leave.  I had my eyes closed during about 40% of this film, because it's about terror and killing and blood.  It's about the vengeance had by Israel after the Israeli athletes were killed in Munich in 1972. 

It's about how bloody vengeance begets more violence.  I think it is an anti-terror film.  Never mind who has been wronged and who did the crime, violence doesn't solve the problem.

It's my choice next, and Brokeback Mountain is in town :-)

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