Sunday, February 5, 2006


The movie Capote was released at the end of September, 2005.   That's 4 months ago! It finally arrived at the Pageant Theater in Chico this week, so we went to see it.

Movie Poster This is another very good one (A+).  Phillip Seymour Hoffman is wonderful as the manipulative Truman Capote.  If I had to pick between Hoffman, Heath Ledger, and Joaquin Phoenix for best actor this year I would have trouble picking.  Too bad they can't all get a piece of the statue.

Capote (click on photo for NY Times review) is the story of the years Capote took to write "In Cold Blood".  "In Cold Blood" was the first True Crime book, and was the birth of the genre.  Capote made friends with the killers and used them mercilessly to get material for the book.

I think he sold his soul to get the story.  He never finished another book, and died an alcoholic.

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