Saturday, February 4, 2006

John Cleese

We went to see John Cleese at CSU Chico last night.

He's a very funny man.  His show consisted of him telling stories about his family and his career.  He showed some very short film clips from Fawlty Towers and Monty Python.  He shot a cat out of a canon.  He talked to his mother in heaven.

His daughter, Camilla, was in the show and she is almost as tall as he... not quite as funny, but J.C. says she helped write the show.  She takes after dad.

When we got to Laxon Auditorium we saw a huge motor coach parked at the stage door.  After the show J.C. said they were off to San Francisco next - had been in Humboldt the night before.  Traveling and giving shows like this is very hard work.  He must have many ex wives to support!

It was a good show, worth the price of admission to see a funny superstar in person.

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