Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sarah Vowell

Sarah VowellAlas, I see my initial worries about the current administration as the
greatest betrayal in my whole life by my old pal pessimism. I attended
the president's inauguration in 2001. When he took the presidential
oath, I cried. What was I so afraid of? I was weeping because I was
terrified that the new president would wreck the economy and muck up my
drinking water. Isn't that adorable? I lacked the pessimistic
imagination to dread that tens of thousands of human beings would be
spied on or maimed or tortured or killed or stranded or drowned, thanks
to his incompetence.

The NY Times published a guest editorial by Sarah Vowell in which she talked about reasons to be optimistic.  But her summary is quoted above.  She said that being constantly pessimistic means she is often pleasantly surprised.  Maybe that's an acceptable way to get along with one's constant low level depression (she called it low-key dread) - that pleasant things are a nice surprise.

I love Sarah Vowell.

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