Sunday, February 12, 2006

Something New

Click for NY Times Review Is it being prejudiced to want to be with people who share similar experiences to your own?  Something New (good) explores finding love outside of your race and class.

The movie stars Sanaa Lathan as Kenya and Simon Baker as Brian.

Kenya is an overachieving lawyer who has to work twice as hard as the white men she works with in order to overcome her client's uneasiness about working with a black woman lawyer; it's called "the black tax".  She's really, really uptight and shut down.

Brian is an easygoing landscape architect who falls in love with her.  He's the yeast that allows her to break out of her shell and learn to take some chances.

They are good together, but his very white presence makes her uncomfortable in front of her friends.  They break up, they miss each other, then finally (no surprise here) set out together on the road to happily ever after.  The interesting thing is how we live within our comfort zones, and what it costs us to do so.  The rest was pretty formulaic love story.

I have liked Sanaa Lathan since Love and Basketball, and I've liked Simon Baker since The Guardian (on TV).  Alfre Woodard is good as the class-conscious mother.

PS: I'm switching to a new rating system:  Poor, Satisfactory, Good, Very Good, and Extraordinary.

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