Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Stitches West, the hotel

I'm pretty excited about going to the Santa Clara Convention Center to take classes from Debbie New and Sally Mellville.  I made a reservation at the hotel months ago, when the hotel was a Westin Hotel.  After I made the reservation, Hyatt bought Westin.  Can you feel what's coming?  I called to confirm my reservation for two days from now, and my reservation has been lost.  The Hyatt Regency was not able to find me a room.  I am soooo pissed!

All is not lost.  I made a reservation across the street at the Hilton.  I'm hoping it won't be raining too hard when I have to cross a big road to get to the convention center for my classes.

I know... I should have called right after I got the letter from Hyatt telling me they had purchased the Westin, but I thought they had enough information to send me the letter, surely they wouldn't loose the reservation.  Never underestimate the opportunity for error when data is transferred from one computer system to another.

The Hotel Reservation, Part 2

I found an old email that I had received which had a different phone
number than the one I had been calling at the Hyatt to (not) confirm my
reservation.  I spoke to somebody who took it a little further than "we
don't have a reservation for you".  It turns out somebody had
transposed some letters in my last name and it took some sleuthing to
find my original reservation.

So, I had a reservation at the original Hyatt and a new reservation
at the Hilton, across the street from the convention center.  I
canceled the reservation at the Hilton, so now I won't have to walk so
far in the rain to get to classes and the market :-)

... and I have a new, valid Hyatt confirmation number.

Sometimes computers aren't all that much help, and it takes a thinking human being to solve a problem.


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