Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yahi Trail, Bidwell Park

Today's walk was on Yahi Trail in Upper Bidwell Park.  Next time we will try to walk further than the hour we walked today.

10 Things about today's walk on Yahi Trail

1) There were signs on the trail pointing out various kinds of trees and shrubs.  We only noticed one of the signs was missing its text.

2) Trail was rated "easiest" so there were no serious ups or downs.

3) Trail follows little Chico Creek and is wilder (is that a word?) than the same creek in Lower Bidwell Park.

4) There were hundreds of birds all singing at once.

5) There was a "granary tree" which is a dead tree that woodpeckers have used as a storage place for their acorns.

6) Before 10AM on Sunday the trail is not crowded.

7) The parking for the walk is right next to Chico's gun club.

8) If you want to you can ride your bike on the road, which parallels the trail, but you cannot ride your bike on the trail.

9) It wasn't raining.  Weatherman Dave was a little off in his 10AM rain forecast.

10) Chicoans are incredibly lucky to have Bidwell Park.

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