Friday, March 3, 2006

Good News

CSUC Acker Gym

The Cal State Chico Women (ranked 16 in CCAA nationwide, 3 in the West), defeated Cal State Bakersfield (ranked 14 in CCAA nationwide, 1 in the West).  The score was 78-68.  Whoopie!

One of the nicest things, besides that CSUC played very well in the 1st half and hung on to win, was that the local crowd was there to support them.  The picture above is bad, taken with my Palm Treo 650 inside the gym, but I think you can see that the stands across the gym are full.  The stands on my side were almost full.  Usually the women have about 1/3 of the stands occupied, but tonight's game was important enough to bring out the people to support them.  Good for the fans :-)

Now CSUC has secured a share of the second straight CCAA Championship :-)  Go Wildcats!

A New Task Chair

New Task ChairI finally bought a new chair for sitting at my desk.  The old one was over 15 years old, and had absolutely no support left in it.

This one, a "Barona Brown Leather Task Chair", feels oh so nice.  It doesn't creek when I sit in it.  It supports my back.  The seat has cushion.

Ahhh, much better.

Days like today provide simple pleasures to help life perk along.

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