Friday, March 24, 2006

The Inside Man

Click for movie review This rainy afternoon we went to see The Inside Man (Very Good).  It's a Spike Lee movie, and his love of New York City shines, especially in the street scenes.  The NY Times says, " might find yourself trying to unknot the increasingly tangled plot.
Don't bother. Filled with playful noise and nonsense, clever feints and
digressions, "Inside Man" has a story to tell, but its most sustained
pleasures come from its performances, especially the three leads.
"  The movie poster image to the left is linked to the NY Times review.

The three leads are Denzel Washington (police detective), Clive Owen (bank robber), and Jodie Foster (a problem fixer for the rich).  The other characters are all well done, and a more complete cast list is at the movie review site.

I won't spoil it by telling the plot.  Just go see it.

The music by Terence Blanchard was excellent.  During one or two scenes, however, I found myself distracted by the music.  I might consider buying the sound track as it might be better on it's own than with the movie. I downloaded the soundtrack from iTunes.  It stands alone, but sounds very different without the movie going at the same time.  I almost wonder if the music on the soundtrack CD is the same music played through out the movie.  Now I want to go back and see the movie again, just so I can listen to the music!

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