Wednesday, March 1, 2006

The Knox Women

The Knox Women, circa 1959

This winter has been hard for me, and today's news from my cousin Emily didn't make it any better.  My aunt, Annice (above, right), had a heart attack and died yesterday. 

The above picture was taken summer 1959 or so, when my mother and I took a trip to Maryland to visit family.  From left to right:  Jane, Julia, Abbey, Diane, and Annice.  The only two left alive are my aunt Julia and I.

Aunt Annice had a hard life, suffering from various illnesses.  Her two children, my long lost cousins David and Emily, are in Texas near where Annice lived.  In spite of her problems, she was always nice to me.  I'll miss knowing I could hear from her any time.  Life has just gotten lonelier.

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