Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lace Sampler Pattern 1

Here we go:  Pattern 1, a multiple of 8 sts, plus 3.

The picture looks like there are 5 repeats... (5 * 8) + 3 = 43.  Add 8 for garter st border, so I will cast on 51, loosely (long tail cast on over two needles to ensure "loosely").

... time passes, and the first pattern is complete:

Click for larger image

Note the bias in this piece.  Lewis says, "If you make a single eyelet with a decrease to its left in the middle of a stockinette fabric, the bias will be so slight that it won't even show.  But if you make the same eyelet/decrease maneuver every few stitches on all the right-side rows, ... the accumulated effect will become visible and cause the fabric to lean....  This kind of bias, where the side selvages lean and the top and bottom edges are strait will occur in all patterns where the decreases are adjacent to their eyelets and are consistently to one side or the other."

About the yarn.  This hemp/cotton is good for showing the stitches.  It has no give whatsoever, so I wouldn't want to knit with it for hours at a time with no break.  With that in mind, we're off to a local Mexican food place for lunch.


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