Monday, March 20, 2006

Lace Sampler Pattern 2

Here we go with pattern 2.  This one is has a bunch of increases on the first row of the pattern, and double decreases on every row.  The effect is a fan which forms a curve at the bottom.

When you have a different number of stitches in pattern rows, it means there are black squares in the chart which are null squares... no stitch to work here, just move on, ignore them, skip them.  The only reason for having those black non-stitch squares in the chart is so you can line up the worked stitches in the chart and have some idea of what the finished pattern will look like.

How many do I cast on for this pattern which includes YOs and decreases in the first row?  Well, you don't cast on a stitch for the YOs in the first row, because those are increases worked in the first row.  But, you cast on two stitches for each single decrease and three stitches for each double decrease (12 sts in this example).  Here's the chart (click for larger image):


This is a typical "Old Shale" or "Feather and Fan" pattern.  The double decreases between each fan are left leaning when worked on the right side and right leaning when worked form the wrong side. 

Here is what my finished pattern 2 looks like (click for larger image):

Pattern 2 finished

There are two repeats in my version.  The first one, on the bottom, has the double decreases between fans done as charted.  The second repeat, on the top, has the double decreases worked as centered double decreases.  Note that on the top there is a definate line between the fans, and on the bottom the fans tend to merge into each other.  I think I like the bottom version better.  Which do you like?

The pattern also distorts the straight line of reverse stockinette before each fan.  Notice that the line of reverse stockinette on top is not distorted.

  1. Be careful not to split the yarn.  Elizabeth Zimmerman once said that's the only mistake you can make in knitting, because it weakens the fabric.  All else is a design feature :-)

  2. I worked 13 rows of this chart over several hours and my hands and shoulders were not happy.  Here's a hint:  stop knitting!  I took some time to do a little yoga (first time in over a year) and prove to myself that I have lost all mobility and my stomach prevents me from touching my toes in a sitting position!  Diet?  Common Sense?  Not so you'd notice.


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