Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lace Sampler Prep

I was lucky to get Susanna E. Lewis's "Knitting Lace: A Workshop with Patterns and Projects" a little bit ago.  It is out of print and not cheap.  Today's price on Amazon was... nothing - not even available.  Today's bid on eBay was... still not available.  So, yes, I was lucky to find it.  If you ever see this book in a sale, snatch it up!

The sampler is my next project.  There are 91 patterns, each separated by a few rows of reverse stockinette (or garter st?).  They start out easy, says the author, and progress toward not easy at the end.  Lewis has written a book that could be a complete lace PhD thesis.  I'll talk some about each pattern and her information as I go along.

I plan to try using my Summit Natural Knitwear yarn (55% Hemp, 45% Cotton), fingering weight.  I got out size 0 (US) needle.  If it works, great; otherwise, I'll have to try plan B, whatever that is.

I tried to find Summit Natural Knitwear on the web, but Google failed me.  I suspect maybe the company is out of business now??


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