Thursday, March 9, 2006

Mobius Hat

Hat I went to my knitting group meeting today.  It was a small group... Suzanne, Laurie, Tami with Xander, and me.  I worked on this mobius hat.

Once again, I apologize for the picture.  The contrast between dark Koko and the light lavender hat was too much for my little camera to handle.  I need one of those white or beige wig forms for better picture taking.  You can barely see where the mobius strip crosses in front.  I'm just about done with the hat, on the decrease rounds now... but I have a math problem.

About knitting math... it's something I have always had trouble with.  Let's say I have 80 stitches on the needle and I want 10 occurrences of a double decrease.  That's 20 stitches less on each decrease round.  Where should I place the decr?

According to Jackie Fee, the math is as follows:

To decrease stitches evenly spaced across a row, or in a round, divide the number of stitches on the needle by the number of stitches you must decrease.  Knit the stitch that matches the quotient figure together with the stitch before it.

Example: if you have 80 stitches on the needle, and you want to decrease 20 stitches, divide 80 by 20 (quotient = 4).  If you want to evenly space 20 single decreases, then you would knit 3rd and 4th stitches together in the round.  If you want to evenly space 10 double decreases, you would [k3, SSK, k1, k2tog] in the round.  Or, speaking of double decreases, I could also do [k5, sl2tog, sl1, k3togtbl] for the same number of stitches result.

I had to add a couple of stitches in a setup row in order to make the quotient be a whole number. 

At any rate, I didn't have my math reminder info with me at the meeting and I did it all wrong.  I'll have to rip back to the beginning of the decreases and do it again.

Why don't I use the pattern to place the decreases?  Oh, I stopped following the pattern on about the second row, so this is a mobius hat as suggested by Cat Bordhi :-)

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