Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mrs. Henderson Presents

Movie ReviewAfter a walk in the park and weed pulling in the yard, I was tired enough to go to a movie on the first nice day we've had in ages.  We went to see Mrs. Henderson Presents (Very Good).

The NY Times (linked to movie poster) doesn't give it the red check mark of a critic's choice, but I liked it anyway.  Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins were absolutely wonderful.

The story is based on true events.  Mrs. Henderson (Judi Dench) is an upper class British widow who decides to buy a theater and put on a review, as a hobby in her new widowhood.  Bob Hoskins is the theater manager she hires to run the show.  They are fond of each other in a prickly way.

There is comedy, tragedy, fun nudity, and WWII.

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  1. Thanks for the lacy patternlove it. Actually, I would have loved this issue on the basis of "fun nudity" alone!