Sunday, March 12, 2006


Movie Poster We went to see Transamerica (Very Good) today.  I don't understand how Felicity Huffman could have lost to Rease Witherspoon in the Oscars.  I think Ms. Huffman did a better job of acting in this movie.  Ms. Witherspoon was good, but....

The story is about a man (Stanley) who is just about to have the operation that puts the finishing touches on his change to a woman (Sabrina, aka Bree).  She discovers she has a son (Toby the street hustler), and her psychologist says she must deal with the unresolved issues surrounding this relationship, before the operation just a week away.

Part of the movie is a road trip, and part of it is a dysfunctional family drama, and part of it is a humorous and heart warming story.

Graham Greene, one of my favorite character actors, has a nice part.

The NY Times didn't put the movie in the Critics Choice list - a mistake.  Roger Ebert gave it three stars.

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