Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2006

VK TOC The Spring/Summer, 2006, issue of Vogue Knitting arrived yesterday.  I like it.  The picture to the left is the cover, and it links to the current table of contents (links not guaranteed to work when next issue is published).

Apparently lace is "in", and there are several lace patterns in this issue.  The one that struck my fancy is from the Spring Chickens Roman Holiday Section.  I haven't read the pattern, but I'm thinking this might be a suitable pattern for somebody with slumpy shoulders, a wide waist and big belly - because the "V" shape of the colors would tend to play down my shape.  Anybody think otherwise?  I'm wondering if the ribbing at the waist would be flattering?  At any rate, this is the pattern I liked the best. 

Most of the other patterns are better for somebody about 40 years younger than I, and skinny.

Meg Swansen has a short article on lace in this issue.  It's worth a read.  Everything she said agrees with Susanna E. Lewis's book, Knitting Lace, the book I'm working my way through now.  She drops a hint that there is a new Schoolhouse Press book in the works: Reversible Knitting: Inside/Outside, You Decide by Anne Claxon, which will feature more than 200 reversible stitch patterns.

I wonder if the people are fed "I wants" from the marketing industry in their sleep?  Or, maybe we are all part of a group consciousness?  Lately people on my knitting list have been talking about wanting to knit lace.  I am rekindling my interest in lace.  Now this issue of Vogue Knitting comes out.  The timing is spooky.

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