Sunday, April 9, 2006

Knitting for P & D

We traveled to  Pat and Donna's house for lunch and a good visit.  I worked on finishing Donna's fingerless mittens while Jan drove.  About an hour or so after arrival they were finished!  So, it was early Christmas.  Donna got some mittens and Pat got some socks :-)  In the pictures below you can see Donna, looking lovely, but Pat is showing her feet only.  (Click for larger images.)

Donna Mittens Socks

P&D's house is on the market, but the housing market stinks right now.  If the rain ever stops then more people will come out to look, but right now there are over 60 houses for sale in their large, gated community.  Phooey!

Note:  The sock pattern is based on Nancy Bush's basic sock in "Folk Socks", and the mitten is from Kim Salazar's Fingerless Whatevers.

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