Monday, April 3, 2006

National Library Week

Change Your WorldThis week is National Library Week.  At our public library in Chico today is "Hat Day".  One wonders what wearing a hat has to do with promoting libraries, but I don't wonder out loud... don't want to upset the person who spends a lot of time promoting this week in our library.  I'm working today, so I'll wear a hat, and I have a T shirt that says "Libraries Check Them Out" so I'll wear that too.

Lately I've been wondering about the book reviews in the NY Times.  Words like "rollicking", "rambunctious", and "sprawling" are commonly used.  What do these words mean?  The Free Dictionary says:

rollicking:  Carefree and high-spirited; boisterous (e.g., a rollicking celebration).

rambunctious: Boisterous and disorderly.

sprawling: Spread out in a straggling or disordered fashion, untidy.

So, "rollicking" is probably a compliment, but we can't be sure whether the reviewer likes books that are "rambunctious" or "sprawling".  Reader beware.

Happy National Library Week!

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